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The world-famous exhibition "Body Worlds" has arrived in Russiad Offline exhibitions and congresses.

The unique anatomical exhibition "Body Worlds" came to Russia for the first time, opening its doors to visitors on March 12. The exposition is open to all comers who reached lawful age and for children over 12 years old accompanied by their parents.

More than 11 thousand people attended it in the first week. The wide attention to the anatomical exhibition "Body Worlds" can be understood, because its uniqueness is that the exposition consists of real human bodies and organs processed with the help of plastination. With this author's method of body plastination, it was possible to preserve the cellular structure, as well as the relief of tissues, thanks to which it is possible to examine the smallest details of the exhibits.

In particular, in the Russian version of the exhibition in Moscow, which is called "Body Worlds", the exposition consists of more than 100 plastinates of human bodies and its individual organs, giving a complete overview of the stages of human development.

Apart from the aesthetic component, the exhibition is educational. The exhibition guests "Body Worlds" in Moscow can visually compare the organ plastinates of a healthy person and a person with bad habits. In addition, the exposition brought up issues of the impact of nutrition and sporting activities on human health, which, of course, awoke an echo in people's hearts, who understands the importance of taking care of their body, keeping it in “working” condition.
Each comer can not only visually evaluate the exhibits, but also listen to information about each of the exhibits in Russian and English using QR codes offline. Those who want to delve into anatomy in more detail can get acquainted with the chronological timeline reflecting the key milestones and personalities associated with the formation of this science.

The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Angelina Walli, took part in the opening of the exhibition in Moscow to personally convey to visitors the global goal of the exhibition, namely, to show the complex, fascinating and incredibly beautiful anatomy of the human body, as well as to draw visitors' attention to the amazing path that a person goes from conception to old age. “I would like to show aging as a nature's way that, with certain efforts on our part, can be controlled. The rest of us have to live with one eye on the future," she says.

Dr. Gunther von Hagens considers the exhibition in Moscow a long-awaited event in his long scientific career. A person's constant drive for knowledge acts as a driver for the scientific development. The scientific development helps to develop a deeper understanding of work features of the human body and help hundreds of thousands of people to live a long and healthy life. “When you're young, you take your body as granted. But when you get older, you need to take care of it, because physiological health is the one key differentiator of happiness and quality of life in old age” he adds.

About the exhibition "Body Worlds":
The exhibition Body worlds began its work in 1995 in Tokyo. It was there that it was first introduced by its authors, Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Walli. For 26 years of existence, Body worlds has been attended by 51,385,000 people in 35 countries of the world! A total of 223 exhibitions were held during the exposition (in some cities it was held 2-3 times). The exhibition "Body Worlds" is located in the VDNKh Park in pavilion No 21 “Gas Industry”. According to the results of a survey of the exhibition guests in Moscow, which was attended by 897 people, more than 98% of them highly appreciated the exhibition, more than 93% of respondents are ready to recommend the exhibition to their friends and family.