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The Body Worlds exhibition had been approved by the Pushkin Card

Now tickets to the Body Worlds exhibition can be paid with a Pushkin Card at the exhibition ticket office and online, through the Yandex.Afisha service.

The core target of the creators of the “Body Worlds” exhibition, Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Walli, is to keep up and promote health, increase the level of knowledge about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, about methods of achieving a prosperous longevity among people of all ages and professions. Visitors' reviews posted on independent resources clearly make it clear that the exhibition creators have hit the target.

The exhibition is held in the 21 pavilion of VDNKh until January 12 inclusive. Since its opening, it has been visited by more than 250 thousand people. The exhibition is popular not only among a wide range of visitors, but also among students of medical education institutions, as well as among those who pursue an active lifestyle and are interested in sports and health of citizens.

Anatomical exhibition “Body World” s is a successful commercial exhibition project created by a German anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The exhibition presents "Plastinates" as human bodies and organs of donors processed using a special technology that allows them to preserve their natural shape and color. The exhibition debuted in 1995 in Tokyo, and for 26 years has visited 35 countries and145 cities. The exhibition was attended by more than 50 million people. The exhibition “Body Worlds” in Moscow is open until January 12, 2022 in the 21 pavilion of VDNKh.

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